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  1. 27-06-24 | 20:44

    I uploaded a photo of a friend!))) Guys, it's epic))) That was a cute transsexual who was giving me a blowjob)) P.S. That friend, of course, doesn’t know about it)))))
  1. 27-06-24 | 01:17

    I do deepfakes with my wife who will never agree to this) And I’m satisfied and everything is fine with my wife
  1. 26-06-24 | 18:00

    Everything is great! I'm waiting for you to add stories with gays and bisexuals. I’m bisexual and really want to make a video with my co-worker.
    Support Team
    We are working on such stories. Very soon they will appear in premium accounts. Watch the news!
  1. 25-06-24 | 06:20

    The first video wasn’t good enough. It’s my fault. I uploaded a small face picture. Then I read the instructions and did the second video as it should be. The result exceeded all expectations!!! If I hadn’t done it myself, I would never believe that it is a deepfake!!! This is very cool guys!
  1. 24-06-24 | 10:49

    I want a girl from my gym for a long time. I found her Facebook, downloaded the photos and did a hot deepfake with her. Oh Lord, this is fucking awesome!!! I think, I fell in love)))
  1. 23-06-24 | 23:26

    Ah! Everything is fine, I liked it! Tell me, do you have any gay options?
    Support Team
    We are working hard on new stories that will include gays and bisexuals. Follow the news.
  1. 23-06-24 | 12:31

    Oh boy! You are just wizards and gods! I’m not alone, now my fantasies are with me ;)) I’m so happy!
  1. 22-06-24 | 03:33

    Hello, do you accept other payment methods?
    Support Team
    So far, payment is possible only with bitcoins.
  1. 21-06-24 | 19:59

    Is it ethical to give access to such an instrument? So scammers get the opportunity to blackmail their poor victims?
    Support Team
    The service makes it possible to realize your fantasies and dreams. All responsibility for illegal actions falls on the user. Also, we are sure our users are all persons of high morals.
  1. 21-06-24 | 19:58

    Great service! Dear developers, I had an idea about how to expand your business. Who can I discuss this with?
    Support Team
    Use the "Contact Us" form.
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